Learning by Experience 1

Courage and diligence takes the snake out of its hole.

You encouraged me very much after sharing my opinion yesterday. So, let's start with my first earned money in life: It was just 3 months since I started the university preparatory class. Thanks to one of my relatives, I got an offer to translate English cookbooks. Shock shock shock! My English was too weak for me. When I told the other party about this situation, "You will not turn the encyclopedia, you can do it using a dictionary, don't be afraid!" she said. So, I started!

I have translated at least 10 important books with hours of work that year. Thanks to this experience, my English has improved more than it would ever do if I did not do this job. Maybe I had to work three times more than someone who knows English better, but I was able to. What I've learned: Courage and diligence takes the snake out of its hole!

Sometimes, the responsibilities to be given to us may seem to exceed our height. But if it comes before us, it is necessary to take it without thinking. We will probably need to work a lot more than people who are more prepared than us, but we shall not be afraid and return the opportunity that life has brought us. Nothing is as difficult and impossible or easy and sweet as it seems from afar.

Be bold and always the most engaged!