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Managing the environment in times of crisis

I will send 3 special articles this week. Because as we live today, I want to talk about all of you how you manage yourself, your environment and your business in times of crisis ... I am sharing the next 2 weeks already.


In the time of the crisis, I wrote in my previous article that managing yourself is the most important issue to manage personal concerns. “How should you manage your environment?” Now, I will share my thoughts on this topic if you allow me…


1. During the crisis, everyone around you has very important ideas and comments on the subject. When she tries to listen to all of this, one's head can become huge and unthinkable. Therefore, I try to stay away from social media by identifying a few sources that I believe as credible sources of information. At the moment, I reduced it significantly compared to normal time. I only get information from the World Health Organization, company resources and some trusted websites.

2. In times of crisis, all people around you need empathy and enthusiasm. Of course, including the people in your company. Make phone conversations with your close friends and people directly connected in your company. If you can actually make them feel that you think about them, how happy for you 🙏🏻

3. Compassion will be very good not only for the person you show it you, but also for yourself. I thought today, those who work in corporate companies and those who have a job and salary do not struggle at least with financial problems during this period. I saw that the person selling chestnuts on the way, the florist, the flagman could not sell at all... There are many people around you, in my opinion, being more sensitive to them, being able to support in these difficult times is very important.

4. Of course, I will also mention this in the business management section, but the most important issue in times of crisis is that the leader is visible, and communication is much stronger. Carrying out a very good communication plan with planned schedule, avoiding chaotic and much information. These are the first things that come to my mind about managing the environment in times of crisis.