Learning By Experience 49

This summer has passed with extraordinary losses for me…

This summer has passed with extraordinary losses for me… What is life like, as if we understood it even better😊


Where we were?

In my global position in Basel between the end of 2014 - 2017 and in 3 issues that I had difficulties:


1. I moved from the leadership of an organization of 2300 people to a position where only 2 people worked directly or indirectly through the work groups of hundreds of people... I had to find the bottom of leading without hierarchy 😄


2. It was necessary to think and design the nonexistent. I think this was the hardest 🤔What were we going to do? Where should I start, how should I tell?


3. In the later stages, Change management was very difficult... It wasn't just saying "let's do things this way now, it may not sound sympathetic at all, but look, it would be better 😄" to different country cultures. I had to develop ultra muscle in organizational development and change management...


What I've learned to deal with these:


1. To be able to lead without hierarchy:


a. First of all, your sponsor needs to be very clear and support you very well. When I say sponsor, it is a manager with hierarchical power who is higher than you in the company. It is very important to see and know that he cares about the subject you are working on.

b. You should be able to create work streams in a structured way and put people with hierarchical influence at their heads.

NS. In order for the people working in the working groups to enjoy and care about this work, you must be able to add meaning and ensure the visibility of the people.

D. You should be able to make yourself a respectable person with your knowledge and a sympathetic person with our attitude. People should think that working with you is instructive and enjoyable.

to. You must create occasions and creative ideas so that these groups, which have no hierarchical connection, feel as a team.


The other 2 issues are in the 50th article that follows 👍🏻