Knowledge to Knowhow 3

Knowhow 3

In my article today, I would like to talk about the Blue Ocean (Blue Ocean) strategy… It is a concept that I learned in a marketing training organized by Insead in 2005 and have been using it constantly since…

In summary: there are many competitors in almost every sector, in every field, and the ocean where all competitors come together and compete turns into a red ocean, which we call a blood lake in Turkish… So how do we sail into blue waters from here? Here's how 😃: In that industry, instead of making everything expected in the category average, by choosing only some of the expectations and doing them very well. This is what is called the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Example: Normally, it is thought that every hotel has to have a lobby, a welcoming person, an average room, water in the room, general cleaning, food if necessary, parking space etc…. In this environment, when a company comes out and says, "I will only provide the cleanest bed and quietest environment in the world, in very small rooms, I will not provide the slightest service, and in return I will apply a very reasonable price"... and today, Blue Ocean is applied. We know that it has become one of the biggest chains.

Therefore, by revealing what the consumer or end user expects in each sector, to what extent can you serve these expectations? Is it possible to give up some of these completely, and if it is possible to make some of them the best in the category?

In my opinion, personally and in life, it seems like the stance should be like this...

Do you have an example of the Blue Ocean?

Other concepts that affect me the most and that I use in my daily life are about to meet.

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