Learning by Experience 29

Was my fabric not suitable for this dress?

Since my previous article is like tomorrow, I am quickly conveying the rest. My own business in 2001;

As our first job, we won the tender for all the medical film needs of a very important university in Ankara for a year. 👏🏻 With my partner, we literally couldn't believe this deal and we had a nice celebration. The next morning (February 21) a big economic crisis started and the exchange rates increased tremendously. We felt lucky that we were able to exit that tender, where we celebrated for winning, without losing money at the end of the year ... Trade was risky. 😳 We thought we were doing business in corporate life, but when the money was your own, your risk perception was completely different.

Beyond that I set 150-200 imaging centers  for the retail market across Turkey. Medical films under my arm, my presentation in transparencies, I was visiting each imaging center one by one.

It was very strange for people to have a successful education and work life doing this job. However, it aroused sweet respect and love.

Conclusion: From the first month on, I started to earn three times the money I earned in corporate life😳 However, I was very hesitant to spend the money, I was in the mood “This is this month but let's see what will happen next month”… I had more money but less confidence in money.

After 2 months, I got tired of working alone at home. I decided to share a friend's office in Istinye. We hired support staff such as collectors and assistants for some basic issues. As the brand we represent was very competitive, especially in terms of price, we had already reached a very serious market share after 3-4 months ... But there was a constant uneasiness in my heart. I was 32 years old and did I want to spend my whole life like this? It was probably a much better option financially, but I missed my old quality of life a lot. I thought that being able to naturally get together with people who are very like-minded with me, working on subjects where I can work my head very differently, attending meetings in beautiful places are things that determine how his day and life passed ... Also, I was a personality who desperately needed to be seen and appreciated for my work 😁 😊 You never had such visibility while doing your own job. I also had a very important desire to lead big teams ... Or was my fabric not suitable for this dress? When I spoke to a relative whose subject I trusted very much, he said “I wouldn't think of going back to corporate life even if they gave me the world” ... 🙄

I was confused ...